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Elementz is for all dancers, whether dancing for fun or wanting to take it to the next level. We have a class for you!

Dive into the vibrant origins of Hip Hop, where music and friendship collide in an electric atmosphere. At Elementz, we bring that same energy to every class, creating a haven of enjoyment and learning.

Our mission is to provide an inclusive and secure space, allowing students to learn, express themselves, and embrace an active lifestyle while having a blast!

Don't miss this chance to embark on an unforgettable dance journey.

Enroll now and let your passion for dance come to life at Elementz!


ages 3+

students from our breaking dance class posed

Learn how to break it down with BBoy Merc - learn toprocks, footworks, freezes and everything in between in our weekly Breaking classes running from SEPTEMBER-APRIL. 

Hip Hop

ages 2-18

our ages 2-6 breaking and hip hop freestyle classes psoed for a group photo

Learn party dances + choreography from BGirl CheyFly in our weekly Hip Hop classes running from SEPTEMBER-APRIL

2023-2024 CLASS SCHEDULE (2).png

Half hour classes - $425

Hour long classes - $525

*prices are for entire season*


Financial Sponsorship Opportunities

jumpstart sponsorships for elementz dance studio
kidsport sponsor for elementz dance studio

Click above for Online application. 

Class Fee Funding of up to $300 per Student is provided with a decision within 14 days of being received (where all necessary information has been provided) and KidSport and/or Jumpstart forwards funds directly to Elementz Dance Studio on your behalf and the amount given is taken off class fees and Families are responsible for the remaining balance.

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Our Instructors

Learn Breaking IN A POSITIVE ENVIRONMENT from world class Instructors that have been trained by those who have travelled the globe training, performing and instructing.

Mercury "BBoy Merc" Thomas

Breaking Instructor / Elementz Owner

Merc has trained in BBoying since 2010 and has battled across Alberta, USA and internationally. He has battled in Floor Convicts Crew and was drafted by the Alberta Break League in 2019 as well as recently being drafted again in the 2023 ABL Draft. He is also known for his MC skills as a music artist “Merc”. His love for music shows on the floor with the ability to change the beat into movements that make the Music Explode and come to life. He has endless inspiration that he is ready to share with Elementz Dance Studio students.

breakdance teacher merc posing

Cheyenne "BGirl CheyFly" Smith

Hip Hop Instructor

Cheyenne has trained with Elementz for 10 years. She is known for her ability to enjoy music and movement and let the flow and fun of hip hop dance come out. She has trained and toured with GX International traveling to the Philippines and reaching many with dance in schools and streets. She has performed in many Schools right here in Medicine Hat reaching our community with GX Canada. She has trained in the foundation of breaking and has competed in Break Battles enjoying the full breaking experience. Students love her kind nature that genuinely cares about the students and her ability to teach clearly in a fun way. Elementz is happy to have her as an Elementz Instructor, sharing the love of dance!

elementz dance studio hip hop instructor

Elementz Dance Studio Founders

Aaron and Kendra Melanson

After a combined two decades of traveling the world with GX International using Hip Hop & Breaking as a tool to impact others, they settled in Medicine Hat, founding Global eXpression Dance Studio in 2009. The goal was to build up youth and help them be able to go out and help others and committed to giving dancers an opportunity to make a difference with their dance. 


They are now pursuing new dreams with their family in Saskatchewan.

Medicine Hat and Elementz will always have a place for them.

Thank you so much for all that you've poured into the youth and dance scene.

our dance studio founders bboy aplus and bgirl quest
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