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Elementz School Program

ELEMENTZ DANCE STUDIO offers a Breaking and Hip Hop Dance School Programs to fit Alberta Dance Education Curriculum. Workshops are taught by our experienced dance instructors who have taught in Schools around the Globe and are certified with up to date background checks for School assurance of safety. Programs can range from 1- 12 classes to meet the Schools and student needs.

Contact us today to set up a program to fit your School!

We also can be contacted to perform for events and workshops. For Information contact or call 403 487 2269

elementz dance studio breakdance class for kids

Breaking and Hip Hop Dance Program Overview

Hip Hop Programs teach basic party dance movements that students can use in choreography with a group doing the same movements at the same time or in freestyle in their dance opportunities that arise in everyday life.


Breaking Workshops offer 1. Toprock, 2. Footwork, 3. Freezes and a showcase of 4. Powermoves to be able to show the complete 4 areas of the Breaking Style of Dance. Students have fun learning “tricks” to show their parents and friends and build confidence in themselves as they strengthen their bodies and become more kinetically in tune with themselves. These two dance genres offer relevant and fun ways to help students learn and teachers fulfill the Dance Education Requirement.

Workshop Booking Time

Workshops are based off of 1 hour bookings. If larger packages are booked the time can be broken up if needed into 45 or 30min back to back sessions or with small breaks in between for class switches.

Extensive Workshops that are greater than 1 hour in length are also available and can be built around through Schools needs. Please contact for specialization details.

Workshop Cost

1 Workshop - $100

12 Workshop School Program Package - $1000


Workshops can be divided between multiple school classes to offer each grade a single workshop or two. One of of each breaking and hip hop is common.

Schools that have Benefited from the
Dance Education Program in Medicine Hat in Past Years

Notre Dame Academy - St. Patrick’s Elementary School- Elm Street School - St. Mary’s Elementary School

The HUB School - George Davidson School – Medicine Hat High School – Crescent Heights High School

Connaught School - River Height School - Alexandra Middle School - Dr. Roy Wilson Learning Centre

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